Hi. My names Elkhan. I m 36 years old. I m like to travel around the world to as many places as I can, meet new people and broaden my scope. I LOVE TO HELP EVERYBODY.     VOLUNTEER !!! ( ELKHAN MUSAYEV )

I love world travel. I want to learn the culture and language of the whole country. 
I want see world. 
I like making new discoveries for myself.


Hello there. Ladies and gentlemen. I have a dream.
I'm going on a free world tour to make my dream come true. without money world tour. I say. Because I have no money !!!
I'm on my way to realize my dreams as seemingly impossible in the eyes of others.
It's true, I know very few English, Russian.
It is true, I can not tell you exactly my english troubles, I could not understand what he said.
It's true, I don't know anybody.
It is true, I do not know how to go.
It's true, I don't know what to eat.
I don't know where to stay.
It is true. how? why is that? who? questions-questions.
It's true, I'm on my way without knowing anything.
It is true that I use google translate to do the translation.
I LOVE the truths.

But I do. spite. I'm on my way. Because I have a dream.
Would you support me?